A sustainable Business Centre

Torre Iberdrola, designed by the prestigious Argentine architect César Pelli, is the latest great milestone in the process of transforming the city of Bilbao and the central feature of the new financial area.

At 165 metres tall, this elegant office building has become a work of art in tertiary architecture, a landmark for its design, technology and sustainability.

Torre Iberdrola will have one of the highest possible classifications: the prestigious LEED CS 2.0 Certification, awarded by the USGBC which assesses and recognises projects using more environmentally-friendly practices, ones that are therefore healthier, more respectful of the environment and with more cost effective structures.

Intelligent building

The latest sustainability, security, and installation technologies have been applied to the construction of Torre Iberdrola, which makes it one of the leading buildings in Spain. To its eye-catching design, in the shape of a triangular prism, we can add the installation of the latest technological developments and the use of the highest quality materials.

The result is significant energy savings, which meet the needs of even the most demanding companies.

Torre Iberdrola is the perfect combination of design, technology and functionality.

New cultural and business centre

Torre Iberdrola

Torre Iberdrola is located between Deusto bridge, Euskadi Square, the street Calle Ramón Rubial and the gardens of the Campa de los Ingleses; within the new Abandoibarra development, the current symbol of the transformation of Bilbao and the new cultural and business centre.

The tower, which is the key feature of this development, has become Bilbao's new financial and business symbol and offers around 50,000 square metres for rent. In addition, the flexible layout of its floors means they can be divided into up to five offices, to make the best possible use of the space.

Sustainable building Main benefits

Torre Iberdrola
  • Protects the health of its occupants
  • Improves the productivity of the users
  • Reduces the general environmental impact
  • Parking places for electric vehicles with charging point
  • Parking for bicycles and quick connection with the public transport network (underground, tram and bus)
  • Reduction of up to 40% in the consumption of water
  • Savings of up to 20% in the consumption of energy
  • 10,000 metres squared of green and leisure areas
  • Request for LEED Certification for the Use of renewable energies

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Plaza Euskadi, 5
48009 Bilbao

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