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Committed to the environment, the Torre Iberdrola is the first tower of such characteristics in Spain which shall boast one of the maximum certifications in the prestigious LEED CS 2.0 Certification. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design / Líder en Eficiencia Energética y Diseño sostenible

Green Building Council

Authorised by the Green Building Council (USGBC) Of the United States of America, the LEED Sustainable Buildings Rating System is an international standard voluntary system which assesses and recognises projects which are healthier, more environmentally sound and have higher performing structures.

Torre Iberdrola, a sustainable building

Following these practices results in important benefits, ranging from protecting occupant health, improving employee productivity, more efficient use of energy, water

  • SustainabilityTorre Iberdrola have the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) CS 2.0 Certification, awarded by the USGBC (US Green Building Council) which assesses and recognises projects using more environmentally-friendly practices, ones that are therefore healthier, more respectful of the environment and with more cost effective structures.
    As a result, attention has been paid to the regeneration of the area around the building, its public transport links, its parking capacity, parking for bicycles, the maximisation of spaces, etc.
    • Public transport. To reduce the pollution generated by transport, Torre Iberdrola is located in an urban area very well connected with the public transport network, including the underground, tram and local buses.
    • Parking for bicycles and changing facilities. To reduce pollution and the impact of the use of cars, those renting offices have access to parking spaces for bicycles (98 places) and changing facilities with showers that cyclists can use.
    • Low emission and efficient vehicles. It also has 15 parking places for electric vehicles with a charging point.
    • Maximisation of open spaces. The design of the Torre Iberdrola development guarantees that at least 20% of the free space is used for green areas.
  • Waterefficiency
    • Reduction of 40% in consumption. To reduce the demand for drinking water in the building it has been equipped with innovative technologies, such as electronic taps and limits on the volume of water used in the toilets, with the result being a reduction of 40% compared to standard consumption.
    • Innovative waste water technologies. To reduce the demand for drinking water, the floor M1 houses a system for recovering greywater. Water coming from the basins and toilets on floors 2 to 35 is recovered and treated so that it can be reused for the toilets and urinals on the floors with rented offices (4 to 29) and M1. Rainwater in the downpipes from the roof is also reused and before joining the water recovery system it passes through a filter which removes 80% of the solids in suspension.
  • Better interior environment
    • To improve the health conditions for those working there, the construction of the Torre Iberdrola has used materials with low levels of volatile organics so that their components are not dissipated over the lifetime of the building.
  • Energy efficiency and use of renewablesTorre Iberdrola is a sustainable and energy efficient building which uses renewable energies that allow for significant savings for the companies based there.
    • Green energy. Torre Iberdrola buys all its energy in the form of IBERDROLA Green Power that comes exclusively from energy sources certified 100% renewable, characterized by being as environmentally friendly as possible and avoiding CO2 emissions and other pollutants, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.

      On buying IBERDROLA Green Energy it is using energy that is cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more suitable for protecting nature.
    • Energy optimisation. The air conditioning system has been designed to maximise efficiency, flexibility and the comfort of users. This is achieved thanks to the high air renewal rate for ventilation and to the synergy with the architecture of the tower itself through a Ventilated Active Façade.

      On each of the floors, the air conditioning is distributed through a large number of independent units (VRV - Variable Refrigerant Volume), which allows for different temperatures at different points of the floor and for money to be saved by switching off those located in less heavily used areas.

      All of this results in savings of around 20% in energy consumption.
  • Materials and resources
    • Recycled content, 20%. To conserve natural resources, it can be demonstrated that at least 20% of the materials used in constructing Torre Iberdrola are recycled.
    • Materials from the area, 20%. To reduce the environmental impact of transporting goods, at least 20% of all the materials used in the construction of the Torre Iberdrola have come from within a radius of 800km.
  • Innovation in technology and processesThis system also allows companies renting offices in the building to benefit from the developer's sustainable strategies, since they can obtain their own Leed Certificate for interiors, with all the advantages this brings.
    • Design guide. The Torre Iberdrola building, with its platinum certification, allows its future tenants to more easily certify their offices. To help them, they are given a design guide with the recommended environmentally sustainable measures.

The sustainable design of Torre Iberdrola offers important benefits, such as protecting the health of its occupants, improving user productivity, more efficient use of energy, water and other resources; and reducing the overall impact on the environment.

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